Friday, October 29, 2010

Oh My Time Flies

I cannot believe how fast time flies! My baby is three weeks now! It is crazy how these sweet little spirits come into our families and it's as though they were always here. I can't imagine our life without him. He is such a sweet baby and we all just adore him. He is very lucky to have such great big brothers and a great big sister. I am lucky to have such great helpers. Here's some pics of the kids with Baby Carsy, as Braylon loves to call him!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pictures of the Baby

My dad has been very upset that we haven't posted more pictures of the baby. Sorry dad. I've been trying to rest!! But, here are more pictures of the baby. He is so sweet!

He's Here!

This post is going to be out of order because my mom had the pictures on her camera and it took us awhile to get them downloaded!

Baby Carson Brett Lewis was born on Wednesday October 6 at 3:48. He weighed 8 lb. 7 oz and was 19 1/2 in. long. He was our biggest baby by a whole pound!!! Labor and delivery went great. I was induced and it went very smooth. Steve and my Mom were in the delivery room with me. I've been blessed to have my mom present for every delivery of our children. Thank you mom for being there with us!

Carson came out screaming like I had never heard a baby scream before. I swear he screamed for the first hour of his life. He was not happy to be out in the world. I think he was upset we made him come out earlier than he had planned on coming.

He has lots of dark hair. He looked a lot like Braylon at first, but the more I look at him the more he looks like his Daddy and Landon. I guess we'll see as he gets older. He's just sweet as can be and we love him so much already. We are so happy just have our little man here.

Coming Home

Well, my mom brought her nice fancy camera to take pictures but she didn't bring her cord to download her pics on to my computer, so once we figure that out I can post the rest of the pictures of Carson Brett!

Here Steve and I are bringing our sweet little man home!

Special Hair

What does it take to make"special hair"?

One bottle of spray in conditioner
Plus, lots of water

One blow dryer

One special "Daddy's comb"
Plus a pick
Plus "Mommy's brush"

And one Braylon Robert

First, you need to spray your hair with leave in conditioner until it is soaked.
Then, you need to add lots and lots of water.

Once your hair is nice and wet, you have to blow it dry with the blow dryer.

Next, you need to brush, pick, and brush your hair until you get just the right "special" look.

Finally, you get the end result: "SPECIAL HAIR"!
I swear, Braylon cares more about what his hair looks like than all the rest of us combined! He likes to make his hair look "SPECIAL" and this is what we must do almost every morning! He is too funny!

My Quilt!!

I really wanted to learn to sew and my friend, Amy Farnsworth, was willing to teach me. I decided I wanted to make a quilt for the baby and I knew having a deadline would actually help me to get it done.

When we were in Utah this summer my sister-in-law, Stephanie, took me all around Provo trying to find a fabric store so that I could pick out cute fabric. We finally found one and I got fabric for the baby and for Coralee. After a few lessons from Amy and help cutting out all of my blocks, I was able to sew this Turning-Twenty quilt for Carson.

I sewed the top and then my other talented, wonderful friend Darcy Brown finished the back, bound, and quilted it for me as a baby gift! I am so proud of it and I think it turned out so cute. It is the inspiration for his room and I have loved putting it all together!

Baby Shower

I am so blessed to have such WONDERFUL friends. My amazing friend Jessica threw me a baby shower with the help of my other fabulous friend, Christy, telling me that although I may not think I need one, I deserve one! She did such a great job.

I had such a great turn out and got so many wonderful gifts that I really did need from all of my friends. Coralee was there to help me and I think that she was more excited about the shower than I was! (If that is possible!) She cannot wait for the baby to come and she had such a great time! There was tons of yummy food, fun games, great company, a cute diaper cake, and a diaper raffle to help stock me up. It was such a fun afternoon and it really got me excited about our new little arrival.

My CUTE Family

Steve rarely asks for his picture to be taken, but on one of the rare Sundays that we have him home, he asked for some pictures with his kids. Here is our little photo shoot on Stake Conference Sunday.